Word of Mouth Myths

Every business loves free marketing. Anything that brings in leads and customers or clients without having to write a check is the new shiny object. Is ‘Word of Mouth’ one of these? On another social media site ( designed for [...]

Client Oriented Thinking-Those who pay your bills deserve attention

I have lived all over the world. Several places in the US, lived in the Middle East and in Africa. Traveled to over 87 countries as a pilot and, in some cases, as a Diplomat. Just out of college, I [...]

Appreciated Customers are Sticky

Appreciate those who give you money Depending on your generation, the words ‘Thank you” may or may not be part of your regular language. Sadly, with the advent of the digital age, these simple words, or the actions that reflect [...]

Onboarding Systems build Trust and Stop Churn

Have you ever flown on an airliner? Gone on a cruise? If so, you experienced a form of an Onboarding System. On the airplane, it was called a ‘safety brief’. But it goes back 50 years! Its original purpose was [...]

Discounting ruins your Brand

Mark’s Rule: “Never, ever, discount your main product.”   Everybody loves a sale! We have them based on holidays (Christmas. President’s Day, 4th of July), time of the year (White Sales, Spring Cleanup, Summer Clearance), and weekly sales at almost every grocery chain [...]

There are only 3 ways to increase sales- are you missing 2?

"Who wants more sales? More revenue?" Sounds like the Sham-WOW guy on TV doesn’t it? This isn’t a hard sell, but it is a pitch. Keep reading. Business owners constantly chase shiny objects. Hoping to sell to more new customers, [...]

Forget fake news, beware fake Numbers!

Objective of today’s discussion To open your eyes to know when someone is blowing smoke up your inappropriate places using numbers. Numbers are your friend, right? Numbers are good.  “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” said Management Expert Peter [...]

Don’t miss the Treasure at your feet!

Russel Conwell, the founder of Temple University, was an orator. The phrase refers to someone who spoke at length on different topics. In the dark days before TV and the internet. During this time in history (late 1800s/early 1900s) people [...]

Four secrets to videos that convert

Videos are HOT! Why?  They have become simpler to create, blend the visual and hearing senses just like in the real world, and they have been proven to work. And by work, I mean sell. Then why do some marketing [...]

‘People only buy on price’ Myth- BUSTED

I am about to take on one of the biggest marketing myths in modern times. And it’s going to piss off a bunch of people. How can I be so confident? Because every time I have had this discussion in [...]